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Is Your Posture Correct? By Manisha Kohli To Make It Better!

Sitting at your desk while working from home, or just being seated for long hours is bad for your posture. Doing vinyasa flow yoga can help you straighten your back and correct your posture. Fitness expert Manisha Kohli recommends a set of asanas for posture correction which follow this process

1. Warm-up Stretch:  You should begin the workout by stretching exercises. Seated stretches are perfect to loosen the tightness in muscles. By stretching and twisting your body your back and core muscles get a good warm-up.

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2. Cow and Cat Pose:  In the second phase, you should get on your palms and knees, and start with the cat and cow pose simultaneously while controlling your breath (inhaling and exhaling) as you change poses. The center of this process is maintaining balance and transitioning from one pose to another in a continuation, like a dance. This helps all the muscles of the body to work, improving your blood circulation. It also releases the muscle soreness caused by sitting in one position all day.

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3. Downward Facing Dog: Move on to poses like the downward dog and plank while keeping your back straight to release tension and build core strength. You should flow from asanas that increase your heart rate to asanas like standing back stretches to rest. Alternate between these asanas to maintain the intensity of your workout without getting tired.

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4. Be consistent:  You should workout for at least 30 minutes per day to stay fit and active. If you find some asanas difficult to practise, do not push yourself hard as it can cause injury.

End the process by sitting cross-legged and practise diaphragmatic breathing. Start relaxing as you do the pranayama. Practise OM mantra as you finish the workout.

To learn the full process watch this video as Manisha Kohli guides you through the posture correction process.


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