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How Pooja And Her Husband’s #SehatKiNayiAadat Fixed Their Routines & Made Them Happier

Pooja- Activ Living

#How did the lockdown make it difficult to follow your health routine? 

Right before the pandemic, I had started hitting the fitness centre frequently, working out and eating planned meals and suddenly, COVID-19 hit us. Things went out of control; my life came to a standstill as well.

Pooja- Activ Living

#While you were trying to deal with it, what were your family or loved ones going through?

My partner was my strength, we supported each other in every way possible. Whether it was taking turns to look after our daughter or dividing up the household chores. We made it together.

Pooja- Activ Living

#When did you realise or decide- let’s do something good and begin a Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat together with your family?

The first thing we did to fix our routines and lead our lives in the best possible way was to push each other to workout. Our Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat was to do yoga and meditation for both our minds and body. Each day, we would set aside time to play with our daughter. We also started cooking different dishes and experimenting with food, it was fun. 

#And what were the results?

Our Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat definitely brought a gradual change in our lives. The pandemic could no longer hold us down, we got both our physical and mental strength back. Facing the situation became more manageable, and we felt more relaxed.

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