How to Get a Good Night Sleep

Sleeping is as important as exercising or eating healthy. Our body needs to rest to regain energy and repair muscles. Sometimes we may have trouble sleeping. Long work hours, stress or unexpected situations can disrupt our sleep. You cannot control the situations surrounding you, but if you adopt certain healthy habits, you will be able to sleep better.

Tips to Get Sleep At Night:

  • Stick to a Fixed Sleep Schedule:

    Having a proper sleep schedule is a good habit. Try to sleep and wake up at a fixed time every day. Dedicate not more than 7-8 hours daily for sleep. Being consistent in your sleep schedule will ensure that your body’s wake-sleep cycle is constant.

  • Have a Healthy and Balanced Diet:

    Watch what you eat and drink daily. Don’t starve yourself or overeat at once. Having a fixed time for meals will help in digestion. Avoid eating heavy meals at night as it may cause stomach discomfort or slow digestion. Don’t consume caffeine, alcohol or nicotine before going to bed as this may affect your sleep.

  • Reduce Naps During the Day:

    Avoid napping for too long during the day as this may trouble your sleep at night. Take power naps for not more than 10 to 15 minutes in duration, to make up for lost sleep. Work in brightly lit rooms. Expose yourself to sunlight during day time to avoid feeling sleepy. In case you have consumed a heavy meal, take a break and go out for a small walk. This helps you to feel less sleepy.

  • Exercise During Day Time:

    Physical activities like exercise and yoga should be performed during day time. Exercising regularly ensures that you sleep well and reduces symptoms of insomnia. Make sure that you finish exercising 3 hours before sleeping. This will help you to avoid any kind of muscle pain and discomfort.  Your body needs to be relaxed in order to sleep well.

  • Create a Relaxed Atmosphere Before Sleeping:

    The environment in your bedroom should be relaxed before you call it a day. Use comfortable mattresses and pillows to ensure quality sleep. Ensure that the bedroom temperature is right. It should not be too hot or too cold. Activities like taking a bath, practicing relaxed breathing techniques will help you calm down. You could also try listening to soft music or read a book before going to bed. Avoid going to bed with a stressed mind. Confirm that your room is completely dark before sleeping as exposure to light will affect your sleep.

In case you find difficulty in sleeping despite following these tips, consult a doctor. Avoid self-medicating yourself in such cases as you need to determine the cause of the underlying problem.



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