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Stay Healthy With This Winter Checklist

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India is a large country with many different climatic regions. Winter in the northern states of Jammu and Kashmir is very different from the coastal state of Goa in the Indian Peninsula. Wherever you are in the country, there is at least a subtle change in climate during the winter months. Nights are usually cooler and humidity is lower. The change in climate and dry air bring with them, their share of health problems ranging from dry skin to influenza.

To enjoy the cool winter months without getting sick, you can follow a simple checklist to make sure your health is on the right track. Eat nutrient-rich foods that include lots of seasonal vegetables. Hot, fresh food is always the best. At the same time don’t indulge in very rich foods. Make sure to keep yourself warm when going out by wearing the appropriate clothing like caps, jackets, and warm socks. Moisturising your skin, getting enough sunlight and exercising regularly also help you stay fit during winter. If you have a baby in the house, give him/her a warm oil massage before bath.


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