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How Did Sonali’s Family Lose 10Kgs At Home With #SehatKiNayiAadat?

Sonali Swani- Avtiv Living#1 The past few months, how difficult it was to follow your health routine?

I was planning to prepare for a bodybuilding competition in 2020 and had started following a serious training routine earlier this year. Everything was going well till Covid hit us and the subsequent lockdown totally threw my plan off. Gyms were shut and I could no longer follow my workout regime.

We had planned to go for a family vacation which was also canceled. Due to lockdown, there was no house help allowed and this added to my workload and everyone else’s. It seemed simply impossible to manage household work- two teenage kids at home along with my own workouts and training.

#2 And for your family members?

As the kids’ exams were just over and their school vacation had started, they were stranded at home. My supportive husband helped me go through this tough period with relative ease. We shared household work between ourselves- I took care of the kitchen and daily meals, he took care of the kids and also our three kittens. Even my in-laws stayed with us during the whole lockdown period which again helped all of us stay in a positive mindset. Kids were happy to have grandparents to talk to and hence I could focus on other things better.

“We started to do daily walks inside the house and set a daily target of 10k steps for everyone. We challenged each other to meet the goal”

#3 Then how did you create your Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat together with your family?

First of all, we got a lot of time together as a family. Kids got to talk to their grandparents and interact with them, which seemed like a lovely change from spending endless hours on their mobile phones.

Secondly, we decided to lead a healthier lifestyle as a family. We started to do daily walks inside the house and set a daily target of 10k steps for everyone. We challenged each other to meet the goal. Even my in-laws started doing daily walks inside the house. We also decided to eat all our meals together at the dinner table and this was perhaps, the best family time we had.

We began cooking healthy recipes, reduced use of sugar, oil and junk food. In addition, we started doing bodyweight home workouts.

#4 What were the results of Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat for you and your family?

As a result, my hubby and in-laws each lost more than 10 kg weight during the lockdown. My mother in law is a diabetic and she saw drastic improvements in her sugar levels. And most of all, I was super happy to see everyone loving this new healthy lifestyle and seeing positive results both physically and mentally.

#5 Lastly, how should our readers ensure to maintain Sehat Ki Nayi Aadat?

It is important to follow a routine when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle. It’s said that when you consistently follow something for at least 21 days, then it becomes a habit. For example, get up early in the morning every day at 5 am and do it without fail for 21 days till you don’t need an alarm clock to wake you up.

Another thing is to let others know about the changes you are going to make so that you are accountable and stay on course. So, pick one healthy habit, share it will others and then follow it consistently for 21 days. If you do this, believe me, you will change your life forever.

Sonali Swami is an international athlete, a fitness expert & a TedX speaker.


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