Reverse your universe by Dr. Mickey Mehta - Activ Living

Tips to Stop Ageing & Feel Younger by Dr. Mickey Mehta

Reverse your universe by Dr. Mickey Mehta - Activ Living

Dr. Mickey Mehta is a leading holistic health expert with advice on how to stop ageing and then reverse the process to make you feel younger.

In this video interview, Dr. Mickey Mehta addresses audience questions related to health and vitality. Everything from the best diet for skin health, to the best exercise and mental wellness practices to regain youthfulness, is covered in this video.

Dr. Mehta promotes natural, wholesome eating habits which help to heal the body. He also gives tips on how to handle stress during the time when we are all stuck at home because of the COVID-19 crisis. Encouraging creativity and eating seasonal and regional fruits and vegetables, Dr. Mehta teaches you how to attain a higher potential and thereby regain your youthful energy. Read more such health & wellness blog articles


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