How Much Exercise Does a Woman Need

How Much Should Women Exercise?

How Often Should Women Exercise- Activ LivingWe all know that exercise is good for us. Health-conscious people try and do some kind of exercise during the week despite their busy schedules. Women of all ages go for morning runs, workout at the gym, or play a sport like tennis or badminton. While even a little bit of activity every day is better than not doing anything, how much exercise do women really need?

There Is No Right Answer But These Guidelines Can Help You Decide For Yourself:

Your Age:

Your age is a big determining factor in the amount of exercise you can and should do daily. In your 20s for example you are at peak physical fitness and your muscles recover faster from a workout. If you are starting an exercise routine at this age, you should try and workout for 30-60 minutes, five days a week. Your routine can include cardio like running, swimming or cycling, three times a week, and strength training like lifting weights on the other two days. If you are starting out a new exercise routine in your 30s or 40s, then you need to gauge your fitness levels by seeing how much you can do without getting tired out and then gradually increasing the intensity of your workout as you get stronger.

Your Regular Level Of Activity:

If you have been exercising regularly all through your adult life, then you can be more physically active than someone who is just starting out. Athletes who are still performing in their 30s and 40s, have to train regularly and are often more fit than an average person in their 20s. For this reason, fitness is very subjective and based on your own level, you can choose whether or not you need to increase your workout, or tone it down.

Your Health:

Health and medical conditions should always be considered when deciding on an exercise routine. Someone with asthma for example might not be able to exercise for the same length of time as someone who does not have the condition. If you do have a chronic illness, you should consult with your doctor to find out how much exercise you need and can do safely.

Your Body Constitution:

Every woman is of a different height and build. Some women are naturally athletic, while others are not. Your bodily constitution also contributes to the level of activity you can do each day. Don’t compare yourself to other women of your age and feel bad because they are more fit than you. If you have enough energy to get through the day and don’t fall sick often, then you can consider yourself healthy. If you would like to increase the length and intensity of your exercise routine, then go at your own pace and do what feels right for your body.

Your Fitness Goals:

Many women exercise to reach a certain goal. It could be to lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, or to maintain the level of fitness that they already have. Depending on your goal you can design an exercise routine that will help you achieve it. For example, if you are 10 kilos over weight and want to lose 2 kilos a month, you can choose to run for half an hour a day, three times a week. If, however you want to lose 4 kilos a month, you might have to run for an hour each time, or add half an hour of weight training to your workout.

Exercise for a minimum of half an hour, three times a week and slowly increase both the length and frequency of the workout. The sooner you start working out, the faster your body will adapt and you will be on your way to good health and fitness.


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