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6 Health Tips For Working Women

Health Tips For Working Women- Activ Living

Between working full-time jobs and caring for their homes and families, women today are extremely busy. In an attempt to get everything done, they tend to forget their own health and wellbeing. Sleep is sacrificed, meals become an afterthought, and exercise is completely forgotten.

Whether you are a homemaker or a working professional, if you are on a tight schedule, remember that you need to start making your health a priority. There is an old saying that goes, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ and that is true for you too. If you are worn out and sick, you won’t be able to take care of those who need you, or to focus on your job. It is time to make a change.

These Tips Will Help You Commit To Staying Healthy Even When Extremely Busy:

Plan Your Days:

When you start your day feeling like you have too much to do, you can feel overwhelmed. This leads to disorganisation and stress. Plan your day in advance to prevent the feeling of overwhelm and be more organised. The night before, try and write down everything you need to do the next day. Set timings for all your tasks like making breakfast, commute to work, grocery shopping on the way home, etc. and find a time when you can schedule in a workout or a half an hour brisk walk.

Prep Meals In Advance:

Eating nutritious food is vital to being healthy. To ensure that you eat a good meal even on busy days, do you preparation in advance. Washing, chopping, and storing vegetables in the fridge for the week, can save time when preparing your lunch each morning. You can also cook and freeze foods to reheat when required. If you can’t find the time to prepare healthy meals, then get the number of a food delivery service that has healthy options like salads, brown rice, and low-fat dishes.

Take Stretch Breaks:

If you spend all day sitting at your desk, you could start suffering from back and neck problems. To prevent the onset of these conditions, you should take breaks from sitting and do some stretches at regular intervals. Set a timer so that you stretch and take a five minute walk every half an hour or so.

Prioritise Your Responsibilities:

If you find that you are so busy that you have no time to eat or take a stretch break, then you need to relook at your schedule. List your tasks in order of priority and see what you can remove from the list. There are always some things that can be pushed to another day, and there are things that you can delegate to someone else. Also, learn to say no when you already have enough to do.

Get Enough Rest:

Many homemakers start their day at 5.00 AM and go to sleep at midnight. Working professionals too often sleep very late while trying to meet deadlines. But sleep deprivation actually makes the situation worse. If you have too much to do in a day, the best thing you can do, is get adequate sleep. Enough sleep helps you to have more energy and be better focused, allowing you to get everything done in less time and with better results.

When you have a tight schedule, caring for your health is even more important as it gives you the strength and energy to get through the day.


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