How to stay fit

Stay Fit With A Desk Job

Does your morning routine include a quick cup of tea or coffee, getting ready, and rushing off to work? Do you eat your breakfast on the way, or do you end up skipping it? Research states that on average, office employees spend about nine hours a day sitting. Poor dietary habits, a sedentary lifestyle, pollution, and stress are all contributing to a decline in the health of working professionals.

Everyone already has a lot on their plate and the thought of starting a new diet or exercise routine could seem worrisome. A lot of people start going to the gym at the beginning of the year but give it up a few months later. Strict solutions don’t work for everyone, which is why it is important to find a way to keep fit that is easy and enjoyable.



More Movement To Stay Fit

Earlier in September, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Fit India Movement. The message was simple – move more to stay fit, which is good advice for everyone.

4 Enjoyable Ways To Stay Fit


Dancing is a great exercise and something that everyone can enjoy. Enrol for a dance class that you can attend after work and dance at least three times a week. A dance class is a great way to get exercise, meet people, and have a fun activity to look forward to after work.

Take A Class:

Signing up for aerobics or Zumba class can be a fun way to get exercise. Working out with a group appeals to many people and if it’s something you like, then you’ll enjoy attending the class. Aerobics and Zumba offer the benefit of exercising lots of muscle groups at the same time.


India is known for its hot weather and the thought of a walk or jog in the heat is not very appealing. Swimming provides an excellent workout for the whole body while keeping you cool. Many people find that swimming doesn’t tire them out as much as running even though they are still thoroughly exercising their muscles.


Yes, play! Play a sport that you enjoy, play with your kids in the park, or even play lagori (seven tiles) with the kids in your neighbourhood. Playing outdoor sports and games involves a lot of physical movement and you get your share of exercise. When you do something that you enjoy your brain releases certain neurotransmitters, also known as happy hormones that make you feel good. It is that good feeling that will encourage you to get active more regularly and add more movement into your routine. Adding movement into your life will make you sleep better, eat better, and stay healthier.