Yoga is Good for All Ages

5 Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For All Ages

Yoga can improve your lifestyle at any point in your life. It is highly beneficial when children start practicing yoga at a young age as it lays the foundation for their lifelong fitness. Apart from children, there are several benefits of practicing yoga for senior citizens, middle-aged individuals, and also for young adults. Let’s have a look at why practicing yoga for all ages is a way to lead a long and healthy life.

1. Yoga enhances physical and mental functions in children: When children start going to school they enter into a phase of inculcating new habits and initial learning. These become the foundation of their personalities. Practicing yoga can aid their physical and mental growth and improve other body functions, such as the immune system to protect them from diseases.  

Yoga enhances physical and mental functions in children

2. Staying fit and managing stress as young adults: A person in their teenage and twenties goes through several changes with high school, college, and jobs. This can be the most difficult time of your life with your eating and sleeping schedules mixed up because of tight deadlines and excessive stress. Yoga can help you maintain a balance between these aspects of your life. It can keep you fit and alert, help you relax and sleep properly, and actually reduce stress by limiting the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) produced in the brain.

Staying fit and managing stress as young adults

3. Keeping strength and flexibility intact while growing older: As people step into their middle ages, some are becoming new parents, moving to new cities, or stepping up their careers. Yoga can help you be strong and healthy enough to take these changes head-on. It can also prevent the onset of diseases that affect people in their thirties and forties, like diabetes, hypertension, back problems, etc.

Keeping strength and flexibility intact while growing older

4. Preventing lifestyle disorders with age: Benefits of practicing yoga in old age include a higher chance of preventing all common lifestyle disorders like hypertension, arthritis, heart problems, and blood pressure. Many easy to practice asanas can help you be healthier, alert, and active with increasing age.

Preventing lifestyle disorders with age


5. Building a lifelong practice for discipline and health: Yoga impacts your mind, body, and spirit. It is a practice that has no side effects and does not require special equipment or additional space. Hence, there are uncountable advantages of doing yoga for old people, young people, and children. There are different asanas of yoga for everyone in your family that will help them make the most of their days.

Preventing lifestyle disorders with age

The practice of yoga has been in our country for hundreds of years and anyone who does yoga lives a happy and healthy life. So start practicing yoga today and encourage your family to do the same.