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3 Yoga Asanas For Stress Relief

Many yoga asanas serve multiple purposes in improving your health. Along with reducing stress, they can help you in preventing many common lifestyle disorders. Hypertension and diabetes are two such disorders that can be prevented by doing yoga regularly. Read to know how the three asanas mentioned below can help you with managing stress and with preventing and controlling lifestyle disorders.

Here Are A Few Asanas For Stress, Diabetes, And High BP:

1. Plow Pose:

This pose improves blood circulation and stimulates the thyroid gland. A healthy thyroid gland and proper blood circulation help in preventing diabetes and hypertension. It is one of the best asanas for diabetes. Do this asana with these steps

  • Lie down on your back.
  • Take the support of your shoulder muscles and slowly lift your abdomen and legs.
  • Keep your hands on your hips for support.
  • Keep your legs straight and slowly take them behind your head.
  • With practice, try to touch the floor with your feet from above your head.

Plow Pose - Activ Living

2. Bridge Pose:

This is one of the most effective poses of yoga to control high blood pressure. It also reduces stress and helps in improving concentration. Doing this pose can help you be calmer and more peaceful.

Follow these steps:

  • Lie on your back with feet kept hip-width apart.
  • Keep your hand straight on the ground.
  • Press your shoulders and elbows on the ground and slowly lift your chest.
  • Simultaneously, bring your feet closer to your hips and pull your knees up.

Bridge Pose- Activ Living

3. Half Fish Pose:

This pose relieves the tension in your back, legs, and shoulders. It impacts the liver, kidneys, and the entire digestive system. It helps in controlling blood sugar and preventing diabetes.

Follow these steps for this asana:

  • Sit straight with your legs spread out.
  • Gently twist towards your right while pulling your right leg over your left.
  • Pull your left knee and tuck it under your right knee.
  • Place your left elbow on the right knee and right palm on the floor.
  • Face left, hold for a few minutes and then repeat in the opposite direction.

Half Fish Pose- Activ Living

Yoga can help you relieve your daily stress and also prevent diabetes and blood pressure.  Improve your health and life in the long run with our articles on fitness as your guide to health!