Suhani Sethi

Tips to Deal with Lifestyle Diseases by Dr.Suhani Sethi, Health Coach

Most people today, are unaware that a simple act of watching T.V. for hours on end can make them vulnerable to borderline lifestyle diseases. Often, one may have come across individuals who have been diagnosed with diseases such as diabetes and hypertension due to the lifestyle they lead. As their habits play a major role in contributing to these two ailments, they are popularly known as lifestyle diseases. Did you know that something as reversible as obesity and something as serious as a stroke, both come under the category of lifestyle diseases?

Let us discuss the kind of life that is led by individuals who suffer from these lifestyle diseases. It is generally a sedentary life, where the individual spends more than 8 hours daily, sitting in one place – their office. Add to it the unhealthy diet that they follow. It includes all types of oily food that are popularly known as junk food.

Other Reasons That Contribute To Such A Lifestyle Are:

  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol
  • Poor posture at work or at home
  • Chronic Stress
  • Lack of sleep and physical activity

Making the above lifestyle choices greatly contributes to the diagnosis and sometimes worsening of lifestyle diseases. According to Dr. Suhani Sethi, all individuals who face such challenges generally also face a common issue.

It is their inability to accept that they suffer from a borderline disease that can easily be treated. For the same, it is important to make them aware of a concept known as conditioned acceptance. Once, they are given certain conditions to fulfill, they accept those and work towards the betterment of their health. This conditioned acceptance works beneficially when teamed up with management and guidance from Aditya Birla Health Insurance professionals.

Other Tips That Can Be Followed To Deal With Lifestyle Diseases are:

  1. Living an Active Life

As lifestyle diseases are a result of a sedentary life, it is important to include exercise into one’s daily schedule. Doing as little as taking a walk for 30mins, can add to your health for the rest of the day. Working out both at home or at the gym can be teamed up with Yoga Asanas that help lead an active life.

  1. Consuming a proper diet

Avoiding oily or spicy food and opting for a simple, homecooked meal has many health benefits. Including fruits and vegetables in the daily diet can provide multiple nutrients that add years to one’s health. Various vitamins in addition to protein and fiber can be acquired by sticking to a wholesome diet and thus reduce the chances of a lifestyle ailment.

  1. Reducing stress

Stress and tension have become a part of daily life today. However, it is important to find and implement ways to reduce it, if one wishes to lead a healthy life. Performing various Yoga Asanas such as Pranayama, Prithvi Mudra and other deep breathing exercises can help reduce any tension and increase focus.

Once, you take a step towards these healthier lifestyle choices, you can effectively deal with lifestyle diseases and overcome them.