4 Benefits Of Yoga Asanas – By Kavita Kesharia, Yoga Educator & Nutritionist

They say that ‘Practice makes a person perfect’. Similarly, when it comes to Yoga, regular practice can help you reap the benefits of good health in the long run. On a daily basis, all of us tend to waste a considerable amount of time without realising it. Often, you might find yourself scrolling through the feed of Facebook or Instagram every morning without realising that half an hour has passed by.

This hour can be put to a better, more productive use instead of the above routine. You can feel equally relaxed and rejuvenated for the day in mere 30mins. How? By practicing Yoga every day.

4 Health Benefits From 30mins Of Yoga

  1. It’s Healthy For Your Heart

If you are one of those people who opt for sweat-centric, hardcore workout to get your heart’s health right, then we have an interesting fact for you! Many studies show that practising Yoga Asanas daily, is as healthy for your heart’s health as cycling or swimming. Practicing Yoga helps in reducing cholesterol, bouts of depression and underlying tension that may add to your heart’s discomfort.

  1. It Builds Your Bone Strength

A lot of research has been conducted between the relation of Yoga and bone strength. Many studies highlight the benefits of practicing this art regularly for healthy, strong bones. While these improvements take a while to become visible, they do tend to last for a lifetime if you are consistent. Practising Yoga for better health is also known to have a positive impact on the treatment of osteoporosis.

  1. It Soothes Your Immune System

Yoga asanas are characterised by bending, twisting and inverting the muscles of your body into varied positions. These positions help release any tension in your muscles, thus improving blood flow and functioning of your organs. Combined with breathing exercises, this results in improving your immunity.

  1. It Energises You

If you wish to start off your day without tensions or a bad mood, then practising Yoga is your best bet. Doing 10 rounds of Surya Namaskar or opting for 3 sets of Pranayama can rejuvenate you. This helps improve your blood circulation, calms your brain, and increases your energy levels throughout the day which greatly helps in managing chronic ailments

While Yoga showers you with all of the above benefits, it also helps you to improve your memory and focus. The various asanas can help balance your brain hemispheres, and thereby, help increase your brainpower. Thus, we can say that even 30mins of Yoga daily can give you wholesome health for the rest of the day. Surf through all our blog topics on lifestyle and health to know more way to keep yourself active and healthy in the long run.