Child Healthcare in India

Child Healthcare In India

Child Health Care In India - Activ LivingIndia has come a long way in its development with several sectors like IT, fashion, and education are thriving. The healthcare sector has seen vast advancements with new treatments and medical technologies being designed and built in the country. However, within the healthcare sector, a stark difference can be seen in the private and public undertakings.

While the public or government-run hospitals have the main benefit of low cost and even free treatment, they often lack the quality of care that private hospitals provide. That is not to say that all public hospitals are subpar, but as a general rule, private hospitals are known to be cleaner, have a better staff to patient ratio, and are equipped with the latest technology and resources for more effective treatment.

Healthcare For Children

Every parent knows that when it comes to their children, they want only the best healthcare available. In the dreaded circumstances that a child needs to be hospitalised, parents often go to any length to ensure that the most qualified doctors are on the job. They unfailingly buy every medicine prescribed and do every test that is asked for.

However, it is important to remember that if parents choose private healthcare for their child, the costs can steadily add up. It is quite possible that even 3-4 days in the hospital, with medicines and tests, could produce a bill of Rs. 2-lakhs. Shelling out a large amount like that over the course of a few days can prove to be a financial burden on many middle-class families.

Being Prepared

All mothers do everything they can in their power to protect their child from illness and injury. They cook nutritious food, make children wash their hands after playing outside, and prevent them from getting hurt whenever possible. However, no matter how careful you are, there is always the possibility of the child getting sick or getting injured while playing. Viral infections can be contagiously passed on from other children in school, dengue and malaria can result from mosquito bites, and riding a cycle or skating can sometimes lead to falls and injuries.

Except for keeping them indoors and watching them all day, it is next to impossible to prevent a situation that might need medical help. So, what should a family do in this case? A good idea is to have some money put away as an emergency fund so that the expenses are not out of pocket.

But, just putting money in a bank account won’t always provide sufficient funds for the full range of treatment. The better option is to use that same money to buy a health insurance policy. For child care there are two choices; one being child health insurance and the other being family health insurance that covers children from 90 days till the age of 18 years. Mothers especially, should be aware and educate themselves about health insurance, so that if required, they have the funds to provide their child with the best care available.


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