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5 Tips For Budget Management

Planning A Home Budget - Activ LivingThe words ‘tight budget’ are infamous for giving many individuals anxiety about the way in which they can manage their finances. While women are considered to be the primary-decision makers around the house, the responsibility to spend often falls on their shoulders. At such a time, not having enough funds on hand with a number of bills and expenses piling up, seems like a difficult situation to be in. This ordeal is shared by all women, regardless of their age, marital or professional status. So, if you are looking to manage your finances on a shoe-string budget,

Here Are A Few Tips That Will Help You:

Know Your Finances

Before you begin to spend, it is important to be aware of all your sources of income. Be it your job, your spouse’s job, a second job or just something that you do on the weekends, note it all down. Either documents them in your expenses book or make an excel sheet about them to help you allocate funds, in a better manner. While you do this, on one hand, note down all your expenses in terms of bills, EMI payments, grocery bills to make it easier for you to keep track of expenditure.

Understand Your Wants And Needs

Often individuals don’t really need a lot of things that they happen to spend their money on. Awareness about this fact becomes quite handy especially when a tight budget looms over you. In such a case separate your needs (things/utilities you really need) from your wants (frivolous things that you can get by without splurging on). This helps you cut down on your spending while at the same time, allows you to keep some money aside.

Find Out If Your Bad Habits Are Costing You

All of us have had some guilty pleasure or the other. These pleasures are harmless but happen to come with an expensive tag on them. For instance, you may enjoy having an aerated drink daily, or you like visiting the video-gaming parlour every other day. However enjoyable these are, they might make a big dent in your budget, which is why it is advised that you boot them out the door.

Follow The DIY Method

DIY or Do-It-Yourself is usually referred to as a technique of not taking external help and doing things on your own. While this is related to most arts and crafts, it can also become a great way to support your budget. Growing you own herbs vegetables (if possible), cooking, carpooling, exercising on your own, becoming a minimalist and having a home-décor project to decorate the house, are some ways to tackle your budget, the DIY way.

Take An Investment Decision

When planning your budget, ensure that you have some financial goals in place. To help you achieve them faster, a smart way is investing your savings. Another smart decision is to opt for Health Insurance policies to help you tide over in emergency situations, where extra cash might be required. In line with this, another tip to help you along in terms of your budget management is to create a contingency fund for urgent situations. These investments can enable you to live a peaceful life instead of a worrisome one.

When you save money and avoid most of your unnecessary expenses, you can create a stronger budget to live a stress-free life without any financial concerns.


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