Tips To Sanitize Your Mobile Phone During COVID-19

Sanitise Mobile Phones Infographic - Activ Living

How To Disinfect Mobile Phones

Of late we have been very careful to wash our hands thoroughly and not touch our face. But we sometimes forget that our unwashed hands have touched our phones, and the phones come in contact with our face. Unfortunately, phones that have not been cleaned properly can spread germs that cause diseases and we should be doing our best to manage chronic health issues.

To prevent the spread of disease, make sure to clean your phone thoroughly every time you return from outside. Switch the phone off and remove the case and any cables like earphones or charger. Apply a 70% alcohol sanitizer to a lint-free microfibre cloth and gently wipe the phone. Clean the front, back and all sides to ensure compete sanitisation. To prevent any damage to the phone, make sure that no moisture gets into the openings and that you use only a soft, clean cloth to wipe it. Above all it is important that you make sure you are secure from COVID-19

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