3 Ways To Increase Stamina In Old Age

As you grow older, wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time with your children and grandchildren somewhere apart from the dinner table? But, after the age of 55, strength and stamina levels of human beings drastically drop. The good news is, physical challenges arising due to old age can be addressed with regular exercise. In fact, a study conducted by MacArthur Study of Aging in America found that, people in the age group of 70-80 could be fit even without prior exercise routines. If you are nearing old age or have elderly people at home who could benefit from some physical movement,

Here Are A Few Simple Exercises Which Can Boost Stamina In The Elderly:

1. Walk: Small Steps For Better Stamina

When it comes to exercise, especially for elderly citizens, beginners should start with mild exercises. One of the best exercises is walking or brisk walking, a few minutes every day. People with joint problems should walk indoors or on flat surfaces and then gradually step out on uneven surfaces. At home, try walking as you would on a tight rope, by placing one heel in front of the toes of the other leg. Diabetic patients should keep an eye on redness and blisters on their feet. Prevent this by wearing thick socks and shoes with thick and comfortable soles.

Walking Increases Stamina - Activ Living

2. Raise Your Arms: Focus On Your Upper Body Using Lightweights

Stretch your arms, legs, and shoulders regularly to strengthen your muscles and to remain active. To make stretching of the arms more effective, try lifting light weights. Either sit or stand and bring the weights to your shoulder level. Slowly raise your arms upwards, above your head. An alternative to this exercise is to stretch your arms sideways. Remain in the position for a few seconds and slowly bring your arms downwards to their normal position. Repeat the exercise according to your comfort.

Upper Body Workouts With Lightweights - Activ Living

3. Side Leg Raise: Strengthen The Lower Body Using A Chair

People who find exercises that demand high flexibility difficult, could try this simple exercise as per their comfort. Stand tall keeping your back and knees straight and hold the back of a chair. Slowly lift one of your legs to the side as much as possible and try to stay in the position for some time. Bring back the leg slowly to the ground and repeat the same with the other leg. Remember to begin with few repetitions and when comfortable, increase the number.

Lower Body Workouts With A Chair - Activ Living

While performing these exercises, ensure that you do not go breathless. The minute you realise you cannot talk normally, it means you are going out of breath and is an indicator for you to slow down. Whichever exercises you choose, try to do them regularly without harming your health. Because as per New York Times, people aged 60 and above can rebuild their muscle mass if they exercise regularly. Over time, when you are more confident and medically fit, you can keep your body moving by gardening, stationary cycling, climbing the stairs or jogging! Remember to be protected in your old age as these are to elevate your stamina and not your stress!