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4 Types Of Yoga For You

You can achieve different types of goals like relieving stress, building strength, and losing weight with yoga. Different types of yoga can be practiced for each goal.

Here Are Some Of The Types Of Yoga That You Can Do At Home:

1. Hatha Yoga:

This form uses a combination of asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation. It aims to enhance body functions and overall well-being. The word “Hatha” means force in Sanskrit, which forms the basis of all physical techniques used in this form of yoga. A more advanced stage of this form is Ashtanga Yoga.

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Advantage: Hatha yoga is slower in comparison to the other forms of yoga. It mainly focuses on breathing exercises and poses, which makes it ideal for beginners and elderly. It helps you in being active and alert while doing your daily tasks as well. Hatha Yoga for high cholesterol or hypertension is a really good natural alternative.

2. Vinyasa Yoga:

This type of yoga is also called flow yoga. This is because of the asanas in Vinyasa yoga flow in continuity, like a dance. All the movements are synchronised with the breath. It is more difficult to master compared to hatha yoga.

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Advantage: Vinyasa yoga is for someone who wants to sweat and burn calories. This form also helps you build strength and tone muscles. Physical well-being can be significantly improved with this form of yoga.

3. Yin Yoga:

This form requires you to have patience as you will be holding one asana for up to 10- 20 minutes. Hence, it is also called meditative yoga. It focuses on the connective tissues of the body like the pelvis and lower spine. Yin yoga is highly beneficial in avoiding chronic health problems if practiced over a long time.

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Advantage: Yin yoga is used to quiet the mind. When your body is holding a posture, you can feel the strain on your muscles, but your mind will feel calm. You will be able to relax and push away the anxiety and negative emotions.

4. Sivananda Yoga:

This form is more than asanas and meditation, it is a lifestyle change. Sivananda yoga is a spiritual system designed to bring you closer to your inner self. It is based on the five yogic principles- exercise, diet, proper breathing, relaxation, and positive thinking. It takes more time to master and incorporate the practices in one’s daily life.

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Advantages: Through Sivananda yoga one can transform their lifestyle. You can be healthy and enable the inner healing of your mind and body. It is for people who want to make yoga a life-long practice and discover hidden benefits of Yoga.

Try and experiment with different styles of yoga to find the best one for yourself! Visit our health blog for more such articles that will help you on your fitness journey.


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