Tai chi for overall well being

4 Health Benefits Of Tai Chi

Tai chi is a set of postures and movements that improve your physical and mental health, emotional understanding, and overall well-being. Also known as T’ai chi ch’üan, it is a form of martial arts that helps in opening up the ‘qi’ or energy channels of the body. You can ensure your overall well-being with tai chi in the following way.

Part 1: Movements And Benefits Of Tai Chi For The Body’s Well-Being

Health Advantages Of Tai Chi - Activ LivingThis form of martial arts comprises four main styles known as Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun that have 108 movements in total. Practicing tai chi is about learning these movements one by one and doing them in a flow. This way your energy or ‘qi’ reaches all parts of your body and makes you physically and mentally stronger.


All movements of this form are interdependent and require focus to be completed in sync. That is why it is also known as ‘moving meditation’.

Here Are Some Life-Long Health Benefits Of Doing Tai Chi:

1. It Affects All Parts Of Your Body:

Your arms, legs, back, core and joints, all areas get exercise while practicing tai chi. It tones your muscles and even relaxes them. It can help your body be more energetic and alert in the day and help you sleep soundly at night, hence, improving your health drastically.

2. Develops Strength And Flexibility:

Although, it is a gentle exercise, it requires stamina and strength, which you can slowly build through regular practice. You have to remember and follow the movements without breaking their flow which opens up stiff joints and makes your body flexible.

3. Good For Beginners:

Tai chi is one exercise for which you don’t need any form of training. This is because it is always started from the very basics. You will gradually be able to master the form by working at your own pace. You can even start by practicing for 15-20 mins every day.

4. Helps With Medical Conditions:

Regular and longer practice of tai chi can help you counter many lifestyle diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. It also helps with easing pain for arthritis and strengthens heart muscles. Tai chi is also known to benefit pregnant women and significantly improve their health. But, make sure to consult your doctor before including tai chi in your daily routine if you have any medical conditions.

Part 2: Lifestyle Benefits Of Tai Chi For Complete Well-Being

Lifestyle Benefits Of Tai Chi - Activ LivingApart from the benefits to your body, tai chi also helps in improving your perspective of the world and yourself, hence helps you achieve your goals.


  • It makes you more confident and assertive in your thoughts.
  • It facilitates creative thinking and problem-solving.
  • It helps you understand yourself and your goals better.
  • Being disciplined and focused keeps you motivated to achieve your goals.

Mastering tai chi takes time but even starting it can help you reap the benefits of performing this martial arts form. In very less time you will start noticing the difference it has created and how it has improved your life. Find more articles on lifestyle and health to guide you through your journey towards an active life.