Reasons yoga is the best workout

6 Reasons Yoga Is The Best Exercise To Do At Home

Yoga is as effective in burning calories as going to the gym. It also has many benefits for your mental health. Practicing yoga while staying at home will keep you in shape, help you relax, and build focus too.

Here Is Why Yoga Is The Best Way To Workout At Home

1. Yoga Burns Calories And Reduces Fat

Yoga involves the use of all your body muscles and intense stretches. Many asanas will make you sweat within minutes, indicating that you are burning calories. An hour-long session of Hatha Yoga can burn around 400 calories. Moreover, these benefits last longer than any exercise done on gym equipment

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2. Yoga Tones Muscles:

Doing yoga asanas builds strength and tones muscles along with making you flexible. When your body’s flexibility increases and your tissues loosen up it gets easier to burn the excessive body fat and tone your muscles. By doing this it also helps to manage chronic health issues.

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3. Yoga Is Suitable For All Body Types And Ages:

From your kids to your grandparents, everyone can do yoga and yoga can help on multiple levels. The intensity and some types of asanas will vary according to the age and body type but that shouldn’t stop your family from exercising together and bonding with each other more.

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4. Yoga Does Not Require Any Equipment Or Much Space

Doing yoga requires only as much space as you need while sleeping. You don’t need expensive yoga mats or weights to do the asanas. Spreading a thick sheet to separate yourself from the floor is the only essential while doing yoga.

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5. Yoga Relaxes Your Mind

Doing yoga makes you calmer as you divert your attention to properly doing the asanas and focus on your breathing. After sweating a little your mind feels relaxed and anxiety is lifted.

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6. Yoga Builds Focus And Patience

Focus and patience are the two essential qualities you require to get through the tough times. Yoga will help our family stay calm and positive in the lockdown while preparing them for the time ahead.

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Critical illnesses like diabetes and cholesterol can be managed by Yoga. Practice yoga every day for at least half an hour, to stay physically and mentally fit while staying at home. You can also visit our health blog to learn a variety of yoga forms with fitness experts and learn more ways to secure your health.


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