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5 Functional Circuit Training Tips

Functional training enables you to do your daily activities with more energy and reduces the chances of injury. Such exercises target all muscles of the body and can make you fit in lesser time. After a few sessions of functional training, you will experience increased stamina and endurance. It will improve flexibility in your body and can help with joint pain too. It also increases physical balance and boosts overall health.

Here Are Five Functional Exercises You Can Do At Home

1. Start With Burpees:

Burpees improve your coordination and muscle memory. They are great for working out each muscle in your body to increase stamina. This exercise is done in four steps-

  • First, stand straight and then bend for a squat
  • Touch your hands on the floor and kick your legs back to go into a plank position
  • Do a push-up and return to the squat position
  • Jump as high as you can while getting up

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2. Do All Types Of Lunges:

You can do straight lunges, side lunges and reverse lunges. These are great for working out your leg muscles, back, abs and core, and also improve physical balance. Take these steps to do a basic lunge-

  • Stand straight with chin up
  • Take one foot forward and don’t move the other
  • Bend forwards until both knees are bent at 90-degree angle
  • Return to the starting position

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3. Be Like The Mountain Climber:

As the name states, this exercise requires getting in position like a rock/ mountain climber. Along with other benefits, this exercise also builds up cardiac strength. Do it with these steps-

  • Start in the push-up position
  • Bring one knee close to the chest while tightening the abs
  • Take it back and repeat with the other knee
  • Gradually increase your pace

Mountain Climbers - Activ Living

4. Build Abs With Bicycle Crunches:

These give an interesting twist to your regular crunches. They are great for building the abdomen muscles and the muscles around it, along with back and legs. Take the following steps-

  • Start in a crunch position and lift your legs, like when peddling a cycle
  • Keep your palms on the side of your head
  • Bend your right knee while bringing it closer to your chest
  • Try to touch your left elbow to your right knee and repeat with the right elbow and left leg

Bicycle Crunches - Activ Living

5. Try To Stay In The Plank Position:

Planks are not only great to work out all muscles of the body but can improve endurance and physical balance. Beginners are usually able to hold a plank between 6 to 10 seconds. Do a plank with these steps

  • Lie down with your legs at shoulder level
  • Lift while balancing your body weight on forearms and toes
  • Pull your stomach inside, look straight and hold
  • Gradually work on increasing the time that you can hold the plank

Plank - Activ Living

Functional training can be a great alternative for aerobics and gym. However, these exercises can be exhausting, so consult your doctor before adding functional training to your routine to secure yourself from medical expenses.

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