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Healthy Alternatives To Frying


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Alternatives To Deep Frying

Sautéing and baking are healthy options to prepare many types of dishes. All curries and dry Indian recipes can be made if you sauté the ingredients and cook the curry with water. You can bake snacks like samosas and kebabs, and also desserts like cakes and cookies. Use whole wheat flour for baking to make them healthier.

If it is necessary to fry the ingredients in a certain dish, use ghee instead of oil or butter. Ghee contains good fats like Omega 3. You can also try switching to olive oil as it works the same as regular oil, but is healthier. It also has vitamins and antioxidants that keep you fit and active in the long run.

Coconut oil also has many health benefits. It is good for heart health and people with diabetes as it has fewer calories than vegetable oil. It might also help with weight loss in the long-term. Eat healthier by experimenting with these alternatives. Check out our blog articles on nutrition to read about more such healthy recipes and dishes.