Aditi Govitrikar- Health From Home

One Hour Club To Reinvent Yourself

Aditi Govitrikar- Health From Home

Dr Aditi Govitrikar is a medical doctor, psychologist and wellness expert.

In this video Dr Aditi talks about how spending one hour a day on developing new habits can help you make significant positive change in your life.

The hour needs to be divided into three 20-minute slots. One slot is to be dedicated to physical exercise. You can choose whatever form of exercise you want from yoga and weight lifting to jogging in place. The next slot needs to be dedicated to learning. You can read a good non-fiction book, do puzzles, or even learn a new skill. Dr Aditi also explains a technique which you can use to get to know yourself better so that you can choose to learn something that you enjoy. During the final 20 minutes you can meditate to improve your emotional wellbeing. Dr Aditi also teaches a simple meditation technique.


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