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4 Immune Boosting Herbs According To Ayurveda!

In Ayurveda, immunity is known as Ojas, or supreme resilience of the body against diseases. When your body gets enough and adequate nourishment, your Ojas becomes very strong and you stay healthy. For this, you need to take a balanced diet which can give you the essential nutrients. Apart from a good diet, here are some other immune-boosting foods that you should consume

Ashwagandha: This woody herb that helps in boosting immune cells. It also reduces stress by managing the production of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body, which is related to staying resilient from diseases. You can consume Ashwagandha by adding it to milk, along with turmeric, for best results.

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Turmeric: Turmeric not only boosts immunity but also has healing properties. The curcumin (yellow element) in turmeric has properties that help in stabilising the immune system. It benefits people with chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, asthma, etc. Drink milk with turmeric in it to get the benefits of this spice. You can also cook turmeric with your food to increase immunity.

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Giloy: This herb is a blood purifier, due to its antioxidant content. Giloy also helps in fighting disease-causing bacteria and aids in digestion. The combined effect of this herb boosts immunity. Giloy can also be beneficial for diabetics as it helps in managing blood glucose. One way to consume Giloy is by adding Giloy juice to water and drinking it on an empty stomach.

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Amla: This Indian gooseberry is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and has properties that enhance the functioning of the immune system. Drinking Amla juice on an empty stomach in the morning can help in boosting your immunity. It is not recommended to consume Amla post sunset.

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Try these immune system booster foods recommended by Ayurveda to stay healthy and resilient against disease. If you have medical conditions, consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet.


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