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5 Home Schooling Tips

Learning in schools is very different from learning at home. This is because children get used to a certain environment and schedule. Their teachers are with them at all times to solve doubts and watching other students learn, which gives them the motivation to study.

Now that children are continuing their studies at home, they have to change their schedule and get into the new learning mindset. They also have to rely on their parents to solve their doubts if the teachers are not reachable. Besides, they are not getting the usual study environment which makes it harder for them to concentrate on studying.

Moreover, if the parents are working from home it becomes difficult for them to supervise the children. This makes the child feel lonely and the parents, helpless. These factors can make studying at home stressful both for the children and parents. If you too are facing this situation with your kids,

Here Are A Few Home Schooling Tips Dr Aditi Govitrikar

1. Schedule Your Child’s Day:

As your child takes online lectures, schedule proper recess breaks where the child gets to have lunch, use the loo, etc. Talk to your kids between classes to ask how they are feeling or if they need anything. Encourage them to take walks and be active as this will improve their concentration. Also, encourage them to go in the balcony or look outside the window so that they get a break from the inside environment.

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2. Include Them In Your Activities:

Being isolated and away from their peers can make children feel lonely. Interacting with children their age and solving problems keeps them happy and active. Hence, include them in activities like house chores or reading, art, etc. so they feel like they have company to interact with. When they do creative activities their mind stays active and doing chores makes them self-reliant.

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3. Inculcate The Habit Of Meditation:

Your children are spending a lot of time with the screen and hence, they need to spend time away from it as well. Meditation can help the child relax and understand their feelings properly. You need to help the children process these emotions before they can express them to you. Meditation is also good for parents as it can help them relax, concentrate on the day better and reflect on their own feelings. Parents generally prioritise their family and work which is why they don’t get time to process their emotions, and meditation can help with that.

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4. Spend Bonding Time With Your Child:

Plan the day together, do house chores together and participate in fun activities with your child. This way you can bond with them better and relieve them of stress. You will also get to take a break from the worries of the day when you are having fun with your kid.

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 5. Lead By Example:

Do the things that you want your children to do. Younger children, especially, tend to mimic whatever their parents do, hence, teach them life lessons by practicing them yourself. If you want them to exercise or meditate, do it with them. Teach and learn from them and take interest in what they are studying. This will help the children understand that you are there for them both as a parent and a friend. This way they will be more willing to communicate with you and will follow your advice.

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This is a tough time, but facing difficulties as a family makes it better! Get more useful tips on health and well-being in our wellness and lifestyle blogs. Also, refer to a well-being checklist by wellness coach Luke Coutinho to know how to stay positive and happy in these uncertain times.


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