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Yoga for Anger Management By Apsara Vydyula

In life, there will always be situations that can make you angry. This is a natural response when something feels wrong to you. However, in many cases, expressing that anger can only make the situation worse. Therefore, learning to control anger is a useful skill. Anyone who has had a problem with anger management knows that when something triggers you, it can be hard to not react. That is why it is better to put yourself in a state of calmness right at the start of each day. That way if you do come across an anger trigger you take longer to get angry and you are able to regain your composure more quickly.

This morning yoga practice by yoga teacher Apsara Vydyula is the perfect way to start your day. Yoga has been proven to have several benefits for the mental state, helping you to stay centered and grounded through every situation. Doing morning yoga every day could get you in the habit of taking a step back and finding how to control your anger. Yoga puts both mind and body in a meditative state which helps to reduce stress, lift your mood, and improve the quality of your sleep. All these factors contribute to giving you more control over anger.

Yoga in Morning

During the morning yoga session, you learn to expand your lungs which increases the flow of oxygen. Extra oxygen can lead to more energy which allows you to finish all you4 daily tasks more quickly and efficiently. This yoga poses also help in strengthening muscles and making them more flexible. When you get physically fit you are less prone to aches, pains, and illnesses. You can then live life more purposefully and do more of the things that you love to do.

Regular Yoga for Controlling Anger

By practicing yoga regularly, you can find inner peace which is one of the best ways to control anger. Because you are already at peace, fewer things anger and irritate you. When something does anger you, you are in a better position mentally and emotionally to look at the situation objectively and find a solution. One of the root causes of anger is fear. Fear can arise when you feel threatened or helpless in a situation, but when you are able to take a step back and analyze things, you become less afraid which in turn controls anger.

Anger Management with Yoga

Anger management does not have to be hard. It is just a matter of keeping yourself prepared for any type of situation right from the start. Morning yoga practice enables you to do this and can prove to be a valuable tool in helping you to reduce your anger.

You can watch the Morning Yoga Practice Video on our YouTube channel.