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Understanding Depression With Dr Aditi Govitrikar and Dr Zirak

Many aspects of one’s lifestyle can cause stress and mental pressure, especially in the present times. Excessive stress can lead to depression.

What Is Depression?

The term ‘depression’ is a mood disorder where a person’s thoughts and feelings become negative. The disorder affects people’s moods, thoughts, emotions, behavior, and actions.

What Are The Symptoms Of Depression?

People going through depression experience low moods, irritability, mood swings, and loss of interest in all daily activities and hobbies. If depression lasts longer, it starts affecting a person’s functionality and emotional health.

Depression In The Present Scenario

Staying at home for a longer time, not being able to experience the outside environment, or facing issues with the family has caused a rise in the cases of depression. Moreover, the stress of a pandemic and rising health concerns are also contributing to mental health problems.

How To Overcome Low Moods?

You can make certain changes in your house and lifestyle to overcome low moods which can help you prevent depression symptoms. Simple day to day activities like eating healthy, exercising daily, and indulging in hobbies can help you stay happy. Communicate with your loved ones if you feel low at times and do not hesitate to take a vacation to feel better.

Your body will give you signs that it is not feeling well like feeling unmotivated or exhausted. At such a time you can also talk to a doctor or a psychiatrist. Seek help from family or professionals without hesitation. Following these measures can help you stay healthy, mentally and emotionally.

Take care of your mental health by staying positive in current times. This podcast on making a routine for positivity can help. Also, visit our mindfulness page to stay updated on mental wellness. Stay safe, happy, and healthy!


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