5 Cool Down Exercises To Try Post-Workout By Ayesha Billimoria

As a country, we are spending another summer indoors due to the lockdown. Workouts at home are still an important part of our fitness routine. Just like you need to warm up for longer during the winter, you need cool down exercises during the summer. Ayesha Billimoria our Summer Fitness expert is a three-time national champion (2001–2003) in 200 metres. She will help you create a workout routine for Activ Living in Summer. 

What You Should Know:

  •  What are the benefits of cool down exercises? 
  • Cool exercises you can try at home

What are the benefits of cool down exercises?

  • The purpose of a cool down exercise is not to test your flexibility or burn calories. These are exercises mean to help you recover quickly from a workout while reducing the chances of injury. These are useful stretching exercises that bring your heart rate and blood pressure in control. They can also lower your body temperature which is important during the hot summer. 

Cool exercises you can try at home

You should ideally dedicate 10-15 minutes of your day to cool down exercises. You should follow these stretching exercises at a slower pace and with less intensity than your regular workout. The important detail to remember while doing these exercises is to take deep breaths and relax. 

1. Light jogging or quick walking

It starts off with a light exercise of slow jogging or brisk walking. This can be done at home or even on your terrace for a few minutes. It can help you cool down and exercise your lower body too.   

2. Seated forward bend

This is another common exercise where you sit upright with your legs stretched out straight ahead of you. Lift your arms and bend your hips forward. Try and hold your leg for a minute 

3. Lower back rotational stretch

Sit with your legs straight ahead of you again. Cross your left leg over your right and keep your left foot planted on the ground. Then keep your left palm on the ground behind you and turn your upper body sideways with your right hand on your left leg.  


4. Cat cow pose

This exercise involves two stretching poses namely: cow and cat. To enter the ‘cow’ pose, get on all fours and arch your spine down towards the floor as you inhale. To make the ‘cat’ pose, arch your back up towards the ceiling as you exhale. 

5. Child’s pose

Return to the table position and then lower your waist to sit on your heels. Keep your arm stretched ahead of you as you touch your chest to your knees and your forehead touches the floor. Breathe slowly and hold this position for a few minutes. 

Ayesha Billimoria is a champion athlete, who has held several national and state titles. She is here to help you with queries related to summer Fitness. 

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