The Best Summer Care Tips For People With Hypertension

The heat of an Indian summer can make anyone uncomfortable, but when you have a chronic condition, the rising temperatures can affect you in unexpected ways. When you are undergoing hypertension treatment for example, the heat combined with your medication could actually cause a sudden drop in your blood pressure. This could lead to other problems which is why you need to take extra care of yourself this summer if you have hypertension. It’s time for Activ Living in Summer. Beat the heat with #ABHIKaro – Stay Active even if it’s summer.

What You Should Know:

Monitoring Your Blood Pressure Treatment at Home

For anyone who takes medication for hypertension regularly, summer is the time when you have to be a bit more vigilant. During the cold months the blood vessels constrict causing your blood pressure to increase. In India, summer comes practically overnight and it suddenly becomes very hot. It is possible that your blood vessels start to dilate and you pressure returns to normal on its own. But if you are taking medication to lower blood pressure, this could cause it to drop too low.

When your blood pressure drops too low you could start experiencing dizziness and even have a blackout. To prevent this from happening, it is important to monitor your blood pressure when the weather starts to change. If you find that your pressure is dropping, you might need to adjust the dosage of your medication or consult your doctor for the same. Make sure not to suddenly stop your medication on your own.

Balancing Your Electrolytes and Blood Pressure Another effect of the summer heat is dehydration. It is not enough to just drink water to prevent dehydration but to also replenish your electrolytes. This could be a cause of concern for hypertension patients who are worried about increasing their salt intake. 

Patients undergoing high blood pressure treatment can maintain healthy electrolyte levels by increasing their intake of minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. These can be obtained by including foods like milk, cheese, bananas, green leafy vegetables, oranges, sweet potatoes, nuts, and seeds in your diet. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water.

How to Exercise Safely?

Here are some tips for Activ Living in Summer safely when you have high blood pressure:

  • Make sure to exercise indoors. 
  • Exercise very early in the morning or after sunset when the weather is naturally cooler.
  • Drink sufficient water all through your workout.
  • Eat fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, watermelon and kiwi fruit after your workout.
  • Make sure to wear light breathable exercise clothes so that your body does not overheat. 
  • Monitor your blood pressure after your workout and take steps to keep it within the normal range.

Stop exercising if you feel light-headed, breathless, or extremely tired. Adjust your workout routine so that it makes you feel good and more energetic. Stay Active even if it’s Summer #ABHIKaro.

Why You Need to De-Stress

Trying to maintain a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and getting enough exercise can be stressful when you have high blood pressure. Unfortunately, stress can cause your blood pressure to rise quickly. It is important to do things that you enjoy to help you to de-stress. You also need to know that it’s okay if you don’t manage to get everything done all the time. Do what you can to stay healthy and you will be okay.

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