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Kick The Habit: Tips to quit smoking

Easy tips to quit smoking

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 12% of the world’s smokers reside in India. A figure that’s increasing day by day. Smoking is known to cause in excess of a million deaths per year in India. As per facts, it is one of the most common causes of cancer. A problem that’s prevalent in as much as 30% of Indian males and over 5% Indian females needs to be addressed in order to contain the damage it causes.

Smoking is tough to quit, primarily since it’s not just a habit but an addiction that’s hardwired into your brain. However, with the right steps and a support system, the addiction can be reduced significantly and eventually gotten rid of.

This World No Tobacco day, here are a few steps which can help you or your loved ones in their journey to better health by assisting them in their journey to quit smoking:

Find your motivation
Whether it is participating in the next marathon or the want to lead a healthy cleaner life, whatever your reason, make it your motivation. Your motivation should be strong enough to beat your urge to go back to the habit.

Seek out support
Your willpower may not always be enough. Surround yourself with friends and relatives who will encourage and support you in getting rid of the habit. Tell them how you feel, your motivation to quit and how they can help. Don’t presume they already know it.

Eliminate causes that can set off a relapse
Get rid of triggers that may set off the urge to smoke. Throwaway all the spare cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays. Substitute tea/coffee with adequate amounts of water. Make small changes to your routine which may avoid the body’s need for nicotine. Also make sure you get adequate rest. Tiredness can be one of the major reasons for a relapse to smoking

Find an alternative
Each craving during the day lasts for a few minutes. Once a craving sets in, try finding a distraction. It could be a short walk, a glass of cold water or even a chewing gum. Once you are through those few minutes, the cravings start reducing drastically.

Reduce stress
A majority of the smokers claim that nicotine helps them calm down. Once you decide to quit smoking, try and avoid stressful situations for the first few days. You can try and find solace in some form of exercise, music or even learn a new hobby.

Indulge in healthy snack
Nicotine withdrawal is known to greatly increase your appetite. Carrots and/or cucumbers are highly nutritious and also easily available. Whenever you feel the need for a cigarette, nibble on a healthy snack. It will keep you occupied and also help calm you down.

Be patient
Don’t be too hard on yourself. Do remember that it is a long process and will take time and effort. If you end up giving into a craving, find out why you did and work on it in order to avoid a similar situation.

Combining the above with your determination, willpower and an able support system will make your journey towards good health a lot easier.