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5 Ways to Identify Physical Signs and Symptoms Of Depression

Signs and Symptoms of Depression - Aditya Birla Health Insurance - Activ TogetherAccording to a workforce management company, Indians are the most hard-working professionals. Another report claims that employees of India’s largest metropolitan cities work for longer hours than most global city residents. This may be great news from the growth and economic point of view. But, what about the effects it can have on an  individuals’ life?

Signs of Depression in Men & Women

  1. Stress and Mental Health:

    No doubt we work under stressful conditions. Although we deal with pressure daily, the long-term strain can lead to undesirable effects. The effect of stress on mental health is a well-researched fact. Consequently, a study has found that 50% of employees suffer from some form of depression.
    Several known causes contribute to deteriorating mental health. However, depression is difficult to detect because many symptoms are not visible at its onset. Mood swings, loss of interest and insomnia are some of the behavioral symptoms, but they may not be evident. There are specific indications of depression that manifest physically.

  2. Nerve Network and Pain

    Our brain processes and retains information by building connections between neurons. This creates a network of neurons that do all kinds of information processing.
    The improper functioning of these networks can lead to depression, especially the connections that manage emotional information. Some of these connections also process pain. This means that along with emotional fluctuations, individuals with depression also experience an altered sensation of pain. In fact, a scientific study stated that 75% of people with depression complained of suffer from some form of physical pain.

  3. Migraine, Joint Pain, Chest Pain- A Sign of Depression?

    Individuals suffering from depression may experience headache, joint pain and even chest constriction and pain. In many cases, the sensation may be stronger because of the change in connections between the brain cells. Similarly, backache and muscle pain become worse in the case of depression. Although these symptoms may not be caused depression, they point towards the possibility of depression.

  4. Digestive Problems and Mental Health

    Stomach disorders can also provide a clue to the development of depression. Cells of the stomach produce a chemical called serotonin. This chemical regulates bowel movement, appetite as well as behavior. Imbalance of serotonin is one of the causes of depression. This has a direct effect on behavior and interferes with the gut’s functions.

  5. Lack of sleep, Fatigue and Exhaustion

    Another common symptom of depression is lack of sleep. The imbalance in serotonin levels has a direct consequence on sleep. Individuals find it difficult to get adequate sleep. Hence, they wake up feeling tired with little motivation to begin the day. Another consequence is a sense of exhaustion while performing daily activities.

Although behavioral changes due to depression may be difficult to notice, the physical signs can give an indication of mental health. Earlier diagnosis of depression can reduce a lot of struggle and pain for many individuals.




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