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Diet Plan For Diabetics

There is nothing healthier than home-cooked meals, but when you are diabetic you have to be just a little more careful about what you cook and eat. You sometimes wish you could have a certain dish but have to avoid it because it can raise your blood sugar levels. With these diabetes-friendly meal plans, you no longer have to worry about food restrictions and missing out on your favourite foods.

Diabetic Breakfast Meal Plans


Dalia upma is good for diabetes especially with with veggies like peas, beans and carrots makes a wholesome and filling breakfast that will give you an energy boost to start your day. The extra serving of fibre from the dalia and veggies will help stabilise your blood sugar and also prevent it from dropping too low along with preventing chronic health problems in the future.

Moong Chilla

If you want to cut down on your grains then moong dal chillas are a great breakfast alternative. Soak the moong overnight and grind to a fine paste with a little water the next morning. You can add spices, onion and garlic to taste and veggies for added nutrition. Serve the chillas with a bowl of unsweetened yogurt (dahi) for extra protein.

Eggs With Toast

Eggs are easy to prepare and high on nutrition. Eggs are also extremely versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Sunny side up, burji, omelettes and more can be paired with a couple of slices of whole wheat bread for a quick healthy breakfast.

If you like your tea or coffee unsweetened, that’s great. But if you do like it a little sweet you have safe sweetener options like stevia or coconut palm sugar that you can use.Smart Meal Plans For Diabetics – Blog

Diabetic Lunch Meal Plans

Dalia Kichadi

Dalia kichadi and a bowl of raw salads are not just satisfying but will keep you full for longer. Cook the kichadi any way you like and season it with all your favourite spices. This goes to show that there is no need to compromise on taste when you are preparing your meals. The vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals and fibre that complete your meal.

Roti Sabzi

Whole-wheat rotis with a simple sabzi is an all-time favourite lunch and is safe for diabetics. The only thing to keep in mind is to avoid too much potato as it is high in starch and can spike blood sugar. When preparing your sabzi, make sure to not add any sugar or jaggery even if it’s in the recipe.

Brown Rice And Curry

While white rice is not recommended for diabetics, brown rice can be had. Brown rice is high in fibre which is why it does not raise blood glucose levels quickly as white rice does. You can enjoy your brown rice with any type of curry like dal, vegetable, fish, or chicken.

All your lunch meals can be adapted for dinner as well. Make sure to eat a lot of cooked vegetables and raw salads.

Diabetic Snacks

Many doctors and dieticians recommend that diabetics snack at regular intervals to keep blood sugar levels stable. It’s a good idea to keep these snacks handy especially for times when you feel your blood sugar dropping too low.


Most whole fruits are safe for diabetics. Bananas are recommended in moderation, while papayas and mangoes might need to be avoided in some cases. Fruits like apples, oranges, grapes, kiwi fruits, cherries, and lots more make for a great snack in between meals. Avoid dried fruits as they have higher sugar content. You can even make Indian sweets for diabetics using fruits and nuts.


Soaked almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios and peanuts are all good to snack on during the day. Nuts are an excellent source of minerals, healthy fats and fibre but it is still recommended to stick to one handful a day for the most effective results in keeping blood sugar stable.

Roasted Channa

Roasted or boiled channa is a childhood favourite for most Indians. A cup of this delicious pulse with some chopped onions and lemon juice for added taste makes the perfect teatime snack.


Crunchy whole-wheat khakhra that has just the right amount of spice can be had any time, anywhere as a healthy snack.

Red Rice Idlis

Red rice like brown rice is high in fibre which is why idlis made from this type of rice are a safe snack option for diabetics and can also be had for breakfast.

Cook your meals at home as far as possible so you know exactly what is going into them, always have fresh whole fruits, and you can safely enjoy all your favourite foods. Visit our blogs on nutrition and fitness for more such food tips and meal plans.