3 Easy And Simple Recipes To Cook At Home

3 Simple Recipes To Cook At Home Infographic - Activ Living

Easy To Cook Recipes And Dishes

If you are living alone during the lockdown the biggest problem is deciding what to cook and how. Students and working professionals who cannot even get a tiffin service are facing the most difficulty. To cook your meals easily in less time, you can make dishes with oats, rice, and pasta as these are readily available and take only spices and veggies to make a complete dish. Masala oats can be made by frying the vegetables in oil or butter and simply boiling it in water with the oats. To make sweet oats add milk and sugar and boil the oats.

Veg pulao can be made without even changing the vessel. For this first, fry the onions and spices to make a tadka and then cook the rice along with the vegetables in a covered vessel like a pressure cooker.

Pasta needs to be boiled beforehand. Then fry the vegetable in the pan or kadhai and add the spices or pasta mix. Enjoy making these recipes while staying safe and looking after your health at home!