4 Tips To Lose Weight And Belly Fat

As we get older our metabolism slows down causing us to gain weight faster. It also takes longer to lose it. A common problem among adults is weight-gain around their mid-region or belly fat. This is a particularly troublesome area because it is very hard to lose the fat around the belly. However, with the right diet and lifestyle changes, and lots of patience it is possible to reach a healthier weight while gaining a flat tummy. The first thing to understand is that weight loss and being healthy are gradual processes. They take time and patience, but don’t have to be hard.

Here Are Smart Ways To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

1. Add Soluble Fibre To Your Diet:

Soluble fibre can be found in foods like beans, sweet potatoes, flax seeds, and avocados. This type of fibre absorbs water during digestion and swells up making you feel full sooner. It also keeps you feeling full for longer thus preventing overeating and snacking.

Eat Fibre Rich Foods - Activ Living

2. Increase Protein Intake:

Protein-rich foods include dairy products, eggs, lean meats, and pulses. Protein not only helps you to feel more satisfied, but you also burn more calories digesting it. 20-30% of the calories gained from eating protein, is used to break it down. This helps to boost your metabolism.

Eat Protein Rich Food - Activ Living

3. Find Ways To De-stress:

Weight gain is one of the side effects of chronic stress. High levels of the stress hormone cortisol also cause an increase in insulin. As blood sugar levels drop, we start to crave sweet and fatty foods. Cortisol and insulin together also cause the release of the fat-storing hormone LPL which deposits fat in the belly. De-stressing through meditation, yoga, dancing, running, etc can reverse this effect and help you lose belly fat.

Find Ways To De-Stress - Activ Living

4. Cardio Exercises Are Great To Burn Fat:

To speed up the process of losing weight and belly fat, it helps to combine diet with exercise. Moderate to high-intensity cardio is great for burning calories and help you lose the excess fat. Cardio also helps to tone your muscles and improve your metabolic rate, thereby preventing weight gain in the future.

Cardiovascular Exercises - Activ Living

There is no need to get started on all of these practices all at once. Start with one or two and gradually add more to your routine. If you haven’t exercised before and have a medical condition, it is better to consult with your doctor to save expenses on treatments in the future.