Are You At Your Best Health? Find Out With Our Health Tools

Today, 7th April, World Health Day is a good time to ask ourselves, how is my health? 

What You Should Know:

Why it’s Important to Track Health

If we want to improve on our health, we need to know exactly what the condition of our physical health is right now and what it should be. This gives us a road map with a clear direction in which to move and how to get there. For example, just knowing that you are overweight won’t help you lose weight. 

What helps, is knowing what your weight is right now and what it should be, therefore telling you how many kilos you have to lose. It would also help to know whether you are overweight because of your calorie consumption, lack of exercise, certain medication, or some medical condition. Knowing these factors gives you health awareness and tells you exactly what you need to do to lose weight. The same applies to our fitness levels, daily activity, and endurance.

The Health Check Tool Kit

The Activ Living Blog has a great free resource called Health Tools which can help you track your physical health. These tools are easy to use and will set you on the right path to improving your physical wellbeing.

Our health tools are divided into five categories as follows:

1. Tools to manage your weight: This category includes tools to check your ideal weight, your BMI (body mass index), BMR (basal metabolic rate) and other areas that are related to maintaining a healthy weight. Try the BMR Calculator or check if your blood pressure is normal with the Blood Pressure Calculator.

2. Tools to keep your vitals in check: Understand what a healthy Waist to Hip ratio is and why it is important for weight loss. You can check your ratio right here by using this calculator.

3. Tool for our Wonder Women: This tool created especially for health awareness in women is a Menstrual Cycle Calculator. Whether you are trying to conceive a baby and keep track of your ovulation, or just make sure that your cycle is normal, this tool can be very handy.

4. Tools to check your chronic conditions: Chronic conditions like asthma and high cholesterol can cause other physical health problems if not kept in check. Tools like the Total Cholesterol Calculator will let you know if you are within the healthy LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and HDL (high-density lipoprotein) levels or if you need to make changes in your diet and lifestyle.

5. Tool to check infectious disease: With the COVID-19 pandemic still at large, it might be a good idea to check if you have any of the symptoms and what the chances are that you might have COVID-19. Try the COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool.

We also have an Activ Age Calculator which will help you to gauge whether your activity levels are appropriate for your chronological age. You just might find that you need to be more active than you are at present. 

These tools can help you make healthier choices so that you are always at your best physical health possible. Check out the Activ Living Blog for more information on Fitness and Mindfulness.