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Teach Kids About COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown is a confusing time for everyone. But especially for children because they don’t fully understand what’s going on. These tips will help parents to protect their family from COVID-19  and know exactly how to approach the topic and answer children’s questions about coronavirus.

What And How To Tell Your Kids

All children from 4-5 years of age and older should be informed about what’s going on, but in a way that is reassuring and doesn’t scare them. It is necessary they are also aware about the positive side of the lockdown.

What Are Germs?

Teach Kids About COVID-19 - Activ Living

You can tell your kids about very tiny creatures called bacteria and viruses that live in dirt and on surfaces. Tell them that we come in contact with germs all the time and many of them don’t cause us any harm. Germs can enter our body through our food or if we get a cut. Our bodies are able to keep them under control. But sometimes germs can grow quickly and spread through our body. That is when we get sick.

How Diseases Spread?

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Explain that when one person gets sick, they can pass the germs on to others and make them sick as well. Some germs are spread by touching the same things that a sick person has touched like a cell phone, or door handle. Other germs spread if you’re standing too close to a sick person when they cough or sneeze. Tell them that they too can spread germs if they are sick, so they should cover their mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. It is necessary to get infants vaccinated so that they are not vulnerable to other common diseases.

What Is Happening Right Now?

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Kids can be told that right now there is a small germ called the coronavirus that is making lots of people sick all over the world. They get something like the flu which is called COVID-19. Everyone has been asked to stay indoors so that fewer people fall sick and those that are sick can get better soon. People with pre-existing conditions are advides to avail chronic illness management plan.

How To Stay Safe?

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They can make themselves strong by getting enough sleep and eating all their vegetables and protein. They also need to wash their hands with soap before they eat, after playing with their toys, and after touching their pets. Teach them to soap their hands for 20 seconds by singing some fun songs with them. Sing Happy Birthday twice, or you could sing this song twice to the tune of ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’:

This is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands

This is the way we wash our hands when we want to kill all the germs.

Be calm when talking to your kids so that they know there is no need to panic and patiently answer all their questions as best as you can. Check out our health blog section for more such articles and topics on how to stay safe from Covid-19. Stay home, stay safe, and keep yourself protected and healthy.


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