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World Heart Day: Stay Heart-Healthy In The Present Scenario!

World hear Day- Activ Living

The Healthy Heart Score is a health tool by Aditya Birla Health Insurance, available exclusively for policy holders. It gives a detailed analysis of your current heart health. It also predicts the state of your heart in the next 10 years. By analysing your heart’s health you can take the right measures to improve it. Your Healthy Heart Score is represented with the following colours. You can click on them and read more.

  • Green: Getting a green colour in your results indicates a healthy heart. Keep up the good work by following these tips!
  • Amber: Amber colour in your results indicates moderate health problems. Take these measures to improve your score.
  • Red: Red indicates that you are at high risk for developing heart problems. Don’t worry, these simple steps can help! (all points will be hyperlinked)

It is necessary to keep a track of your cardiac health as certain habits unknowingly cause health problems. Sitting for long hours during work from home causes a fatty acid build-up in the blood vessels, harming heart health. Not getting medicines on time is another big problem that can worsen pre-existing medical conditions.

Eating unhealthy foods, especially oils should be avoided as oils like sunflower and soybean have Omega-6 fatty acids which can increase cholesterol. Not getting enough sleep and not exercising daily is a prominent factor affecting heart health. One symptom of sleep and exercise deprivation is an increase in belly fat. Change your habits gradually by including simple practices like walking regularly and relaxing through yoga or meditation. This will help your body detox; you will sleep better and feel active throughout the day. Eventually, it can improve your heart health.


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Healthy Heart Score assessment is only available for Aditya Birla Health Insurance policy holders. If you are not a customer, get a plan that suits the health needs of your family! Take the first step to start taking care of your heart!


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