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Red Alert On Your Healthy Heart Score? Don’t Worry, These Measures Can Help!

Your Healthy heart score shows the current health of your heart. It is assessed by taking factors like your present health, lifestyle, medical conditions and fitness levels into account. This score predicts your risk of developing heart problems in the next 10 years and directs you to the measures you should take to become healthier. Here’s what you should do if-

Your Result Is Red

Switch to healthy habits

Healthy Lifestyle- Activ Living

Staying healthy is a matter of changing your daily habits. Be active on a regular basis and make time to exercise for at least 30 minutes for 5 days a week. Walk more by walking for 10 minutes after waking up and after meals. You can also join the walking group on the Activ Health app to get tips on unique ways to stay active.

Apart from this, add more green vegetables and proteins like eggs, poultry, beans and nuts in your diet. Getting enough sleep and feeling positive is also a part of staying healthy. For mental peace practise meditation or indulge in a hobby; take a long vacation if that helps. If you feel over-stressed, consider talking to your family members or seek professional help.

Manage heart health with chronic conditions

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1. Measures to control asthma:

Looking at the present times, try to avoid going outside as much as possible. Apart from that, stay active and eat healthy foods. People who stay active have better control over their symptoms. You should also follow measures to boost your immunity to fight off diseases like cold and flu.


2. Measures to reduce blood pressure:

Try to lose weight, especially around your waistline to control blood pressure (BP). Be active by walking more and taking up hobbies like sports or gardening. You should consume a low sodium diet and cut back on sugars and caffeine. Some foods like bananas can also help you regulate blood pressure. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and take measures to quit smoking as both these substances tend to increase your BP. Also, regularly monitor your blood pressure and seek immediate help if you see it rising.


3. Measures to lower cholesterol

To control cholesterol you should focus on having a healthy diet and following other healthy habits like drinking plenty of water. Add more sources of healthy fats (Omega-3) like olive oil, nuts and fish to your diet. Also add sources of soluble fibers like oatmeal and oat bran, apples, pears, beans and lentils in your diet. Limit salt and alcohol intake and avoid certain foods that can increase your cholesterol. Quit smoking if you have the habit.


4. Measures to control diabetes

You can control diabetes by following the healthy habits mentioned above. Along with that, monitor your blood sugar levels on a regular basis. This will help you to track which foods are increasing your blood sugar and avoid consuming such foods. Moreover, you can follow some interesting natural ways to control diabetes at home.

Follow these measures to improve your Healthy Heart Score. If you’ve got a different colour in your assessment- Select Green  Or Select Amber for more information.


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