4 Cardio Exercises To Prevent Heart Diseases By Master Trainer Shalini Bhargava!

Heart disease awareness is increasing among Indians, hence many people are motivated to exercise for preventing heart diseases. Doing cardio workout and pilates workout have many health benefits including improvement in heart health. Cardio-pilates combines the benefits for these two into one single workout. Here are some Cardio exercises recommended by master fitness trainer Shalini Bhargava for beginners

Marching on the spot: Walk on the spot by lifting your knees high and swinging your arms. This is a great way to increase your heart rate without putting a strain on your joints. It is a low-impact exercise that warms up your body for the exercises coming ahead. It increases your energy levels as well.

Sumo Squats: Come to a squat position but take a small dip instead of bending your knees completely. These squats are comparatively easier to perform than regular squats, but have several benefits. Doing baby squats helps you tone thigh muscles and build strength in your legs. It also helps in improving your balance and metabolism. It is a great way to burn calories too.

Skater lunges: With your feet shoulder-width apart take a step back from your right leg and bend to do a lunge. Repeat the same with your left leg. Skater lunges are good for improving muscle strength and endurance. It exercises your glutes, hips, and legs. And the exercise helps with improving your muscle balance and coordination.


Such type of workout improves oxygen flow in your body and strengthens cardiac muscles and blood vessels to improve heart health. Heart disease causes and prevention techniques differ with each individual. However, making good eating choices and doing exercises like cardio-pilates regularly can help.

To learn these exercises and other beneficial workout techniques by Shalini Bhargava watch this video!