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4 Simple Exercises To Keep Belly Fat Away By Shalini Bhargava

Having a leaner belly is related to having good overall health. You can effectively reduce belly fat by doing a fast-paced workout that tones your muscles and helps you burn calories. Here are some exercises recommended by master fitness trainer Shalini Bhargava that can help you achieve your goal:

1. Warm up- A good warm-up gives time for your body to switch from a stagnant phase to a pumped-up workout phase. As blood rushes through your body faster, your muscles start loosening up and your mind becomes alert. This helps your body to adjust to strenuous exercises coming ahead.


2. Jogging on the spot- Jogging on the spot has similar benefits as jogging on a route. It builds stamina, improves cardiovascular health and helps you burn calories faster. Jogging helps you exercise all muscle groups in the body including your belly to reduce fat.


3. Forward punches- Squatting while throwing forward punches in the air exercises your arms and legs. It improves your arm strength and along with helping in belly fat reduction, it tones your arms. This exercise also impacts your chest and shoulder muscles and helps you gain muscle mass.


4. Squat jumps- Jump squats make you add more power to your workout. As it requires both your upper as well as lower body muscles it helps you build muscle strength. It also improves your balance and coordination while boosting your stamina. Jump squats are more effective than regular squats and burn calories faster too.


Follow these exercises to reduce belly fat and improve your strength and stamina. It is advisable that you exercise for at least 30 minutes every day to see results. To learn a full workout routine for belly fat reduction watch this video.

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