What to eat in quarantine

4 Healthy Recipes For Your Lockdown Diet Plan

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Healthy Food For Lockdown Diet Plans

During the quarantine, our regular schedules are disrupted. Going to the gym or for a morning run is no longer possible. This lack of activity could lead to weight gain if we’re not careful. These recipes are tasty, easy to put together even when you are busy working from home, and will help keep you in shape and secure your overall health. The positive effect of the lockdown is that you have plenty of time to prepare such healthy dishes in advance.

Baked eggs with tomato salsa only need a few chopped veggies and a couple of eggs. If you don’t have an oven you can make this on the stovetop as well. For paneer toast, crumble some paneer into a pan with onions, tomatoes and spices. Spread on the toast and enjoy a protein-rich snack. Grilled chicken uses very little oil and when tossed with salad veggies becomes a very healthy meal. Jowar or sorghum millet makes a delectable upma that is high in fibre, vitamins and minerals. Health and lifestyle blogs on our Activ Living section will let you browse through informative articles which can educate you on Covid-19 symptoms.

With proper diet and exercise daily, you can stay active and earn HealthReturnsTM during the new normal of staying at home. HealthReturns can be used for health insurance offers upto 30%.


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