5 Vitamin D Rich Foods and Fruits

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Vitamin D Rich Foods

Vitamin D is a necessary nutrient that supports many vital functions of our body like maintaining bone strength, repairing tissues and building muscle strength. It is naturally made in our body when our skin gets enough sunlight. However, if you can’t go out in the sun, you can also get vitamin D from certain food items. Some of the best vitamin D rich foods for non-vegetarians include fatty fish and eggs. Fish like salmon and tuna are also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that improve heart health. Eggs have ample protein for tissue repair and building muscles.

Best vitamin D foods for vegetarians include dairy products like milk, butter, etc. Whole grains, nuts, mushrooms, and some leafy vegetables like spinach should also be a part of your diet. You can get enough vitamin D by including one dairy product in your diet at least once a day. Try these sources of vitamin D and easily prevent the problems caused by its deficiency. Check out more of such blogs on health and nutrition to keep your diet on track.


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