3 Health Drinks For Diabetics

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Drinks For Diabetics

A diabetic needs to eat proper meals and exercise regularly to stay healthy. But apart from food, consuming certain drinks can help you maintain your blood sugar, improve insulin production and enhance your overall health. One of the best drinks for diabetics comes from the Indian recipe of chaas that has been made since ancient times. High fat dairy items like chaas made from high fat curd (curd made from high fat milk) are known to benefit people with diabetes. Adding spices like turmeric and cumin to the recipe help your body even more in controlling the blood sugar levels.

You can also drink green juice for diabetes made from green and leafy vegetables. These vegetables improve the functioning of the internal organs and provide the body with good amount of varied vitamins and minerals.

Last but never the least is water. Drinking plenty of water can help diabetics flush out excess glucose in the blood through urine. Infused water is even more beneficial as it provides the body with electrolytes that help in maintaining energy and  flushing out toxins as well. Try these healthy drinks for diabetes and experience their health benefits yourself!

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