Dance Exercise To Burn Calories By Shalini Bhargava

Dancing can be an exciting form for a workout, especially when it’s based on Bollywood tunes. Dancing combined with certain exercises can help you get a proper workout in a way that you can enjoy it thoroughly! So read ahead and follow these steps as recommended by our master fitness trainer, to get your daily workout in a fun way.

Aerobic Dance Exercise

Step 1: Play Your Favourite Songs And Start The Warm-up

Select energetic songs that can help you get in the workout zone. Start by walking on the spot in Bollywood style to loosen up your body. When you warm-up, your heart rate and blood circulation increase which makes your body active. This makes it easy for the body to do heavy exercises.

Step 2: Arms And Legs Dance Workout:

Start by reaching out with your arms (as if trying to grab an object in front of you) and stretching your leg in the opposite direction. This will help you do full-body stretching which will make you more flexible and improve your balance.

Step 3: Add Some Squats:

Do some squats to build your stamina and strength. Squats are a great way to exercise your lower body. They help in shaping and toning your legs and abdomen, while also exercising your arms. Squats give a boost to the calorie-burning process which makes your workout more beneficial.

Step 4: Hold Stretch

Balance your body on one leg (if possible) while holding your second leg with one arm and stretching another. This type of strenuous stretch helps your joints loosen up and work through their full range of motion. This helps you increase the pace and level of your exercise.

Step 5: Dance

Now that your body is prepared to burn calories, dance your heart out! Move every muscle in your body to your favourite songs and have a lot of fun while burning calories.

Dance workout is good for both your body and mind as it will help you stay healthy and keep your mind happy. For the full video and dance session click here. You can also check-out other tips and exercises for your daily fitness on our fitness and nutrition blog!