5 reasons to buy health insurance post marriage

Marriage is an agreement between two people to support and be with each other during good times as well as bad; sharing their joys and sorrows. One of the first financial decisions a couple makes together is creating a joint account. Over a period of time, they might even begin investing together, but what about health insurance? Most of us tend to assume that the company we’re working with will provide that, covering both a husband and wife. While that may be true in most cases, it’s not something a couple should rely on.

5 reasons to buy health insurance post marriage


There are important reasons why purchasing a health insurance post marriage is important and here are 5 such reasons:

1.Protect savings

The expenses that are incurred because of a health-related emergency are one of the primary reasons for destruction in wealth. Due to the lack of health coverage, a couple might end up tapping into their savings and other investments which could damage their finances.

2.Being independent

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By purchasing health insurance that covers two people, a couple becomes independent. During emergencies, they wouldn’t have to rely on friends, family members or a personal loan to bail them out.

3.Cashless admission

Quite a few hospitals still expect you to pay an admission fee in cash or via card. During an emergency, one might be unable to arrange for cash or have enough to make the payment. Most health insurance policies tend to have a cashless admission arrangement with hospitals in their network. In such a scenario one can focus on the recovery of the patient rather than dealing with the added pressure of arranging for cash just to admit them.

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4.Avoiding fights

A health emergency can deplete the nest egg set aside for many young couples. One might even expect the spouse or her parents, if they are richer, to foot the bill during a health emergency. Such situations lead to unnecessary stress and tension in a couple’s relationship. Ensuring that health insurance cover is available for the couple, as well as their dependents, less is the perfect solution to avoiding financial strain on either party fewer fights on the home front.

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5.Servicing loans

Nowadays it is impossible to lead a privileged lifestyle without paying EMIs. Housing loans, car loans and personal loans make sure that a huge part of one’s salary goes in paying them off. By the middle of the month, for some, there’s not much left reflecting in the bank account. In such a scenario if a healthcare emergency occurs, it becomes very difficult to arrange for money to make immediate and subsequent payments. Servicing yet another loan is the last thing a new couple should get into.

So there you have it, 5 basic, but vital reasons why having a health insurance policy after getting married is a great idea for a new family unit.