Why Taking A Vacation Is Important For Your Health?

Importance Of Vacation - Activ LivingHow many times have you thought of taking that annual leave and cancelled the plan? How many times have you complained of overworking yet returned back to work? Or worse, when was the last time you took a break? If you are in a fix, it’s the time you explore the importance of taking a vacation.

Recent studies state that more and more employees don’t utilize the time allocated to vacation. Instead, they spend time working overtime to meet unrealistic deadlines.  Also, studies state that people who go on vacations, end up doing some office work or are contacted by their seniors regarding a work-related issue. If you are one of them, it’s time to put your needs first before anything else.

When an individual doesn’t unwind from external stresses, the body undergoes immense pain and is unable to relax. Taking time off from the stressful environment has a positive impact on the overall health. You come back happier, productive and effective. If you still plan of putting off your vacation, read these reasons why you shouldn’t.

Stress Reduction

Did you ever imagine detaching from activities and environments that cause stress and anxiety? A vacation is all you need. Studies state that taking time off from work helps reduce stress, as it puts you in a relaxed state. Further, reduces physical complaints like headaches, backaches, prevents heart diseases and more.  A break is extremely helpful for one’s mental health as it transfers you to a world of your own, where you are able to find time for yourself and loved ones.

Enhance Productivity

We are so used to working at peak levels and multitasking, then suddenly there is a dip in our performance. Getting more work done in less time is great, but it requires constant focus to be productive. Studies conducted show that employees who took a break were more productive than others. It’s simple when you are productive, you are happy and passionate about the task at hand.

Experience Sound Sleep

Matching with hectic schedules and other responsibilities often lead to excess stress and sleepless nights. Researchers say that a holiday helps break the monotony of the daily pattern and put’s one at ease. It reduces anxiety and enhances sleep patterns.

It’s time to pack your bags and head for a vacation where you can sleep well, stress-less and spend quality time with yourself and loved one


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