Tips for Cutting Down on Sugar

Tips to Cut Down On Sugar Intake - Aditya Birla Health Insurance

You love that cold coffee with cream and can’t resist those delicious looking cupcakes. But, every time you take a sip of your coffee or take a bite of that cake, something pinches you from within. You want to reduce your sugar intake, but end up giving into sweet cravings!
Keeping track of your sugar intake and reducing it is essential to stay away from diabetic illnesses and lead a healthy life. And, cutting down on sugar is easier than you think.

How to Cut Down On Sugar?

  • Identify Your Main Source of Sugar:

    Are desserts your weakness? Or is it soda or junk food? Whatever it is, you need to find the main source of sugar and work on it to reduce it. For instance, you may be adding a lot of sugar to your coffee or eating a lot of bread and cookies through the day. These are your sources of sugar. Figure out what is the reason behind your increased sugar intake and then aim to reduce it.

  • Go Slow:

    You cannot give up on sugar within a day. Having too much sugar is a habit. Breaking that habit will take time. Give yourself a month. Then, once you have identified your main sources of sugar, start cutting down. For example, if you add three teaspoons of sugar to your tea or coffee, reduce it to two, and then gradually to one.

  • Read Labels:

    Processed foods like packaged cakes, candies, and snacks are full of sugar. Even the so-called healthy, ‘low fat’ or ‘diet’ foods may contain sugar. Sugar is often hidden under scientific names on food labels. Look for words like sucrose, maltose, dextrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, galactose, etc. Make the habit to read labels and lessen sugar loaded foods and drinks in your diet

  • Eat More of Real Foods:

    Do you find yourself eating a lot of junk food throughout the day? It’s time to switch to real foods. Prepare your own meals and replace chips with healthier foods like nuts and fruits for snacking. Do this for a month, and you’ll notice that your sugar intake decreases drastically.

  • Go to Bed Early:

    Many people crave for something sweet after dinner. Those who work late nights crave for something to munch. This way, sugar levels in your body can rise. Going to bed on time and getting a proper amount of sleep can help you decrease these cravings and cut down on sugar in your diet.

With the help of these tips and commitment from your side, you can successfully move towards a healthier, happier life.


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