5 Food Trends For 2019

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Trends play a major role in today’s life and hence tend to be key to understanding health and predicting lifestyles. Food, which is a leading industry of the modern day is also by no surprise, forming trends leading to healthy and fit lifestyles for individuals.

The Following Are Some Of The Upcoming Food Trends That Are Assured To Make An Impact In 2019

Non – Dairy Products:

Consumers are gradually exploring options other than the common dairy due to the revelation of better sources of calcium than pure milk. Oats Milk is one of many other non-dairy milk products which is currently on high demand and probably will continue to be so in 2019.

Fermented Foods:

Fermentation which is widely practiced in the cheese production industry is now becoming a trend. It aims to make full use of bacterial benefits with the rise in foods like tempeh. Tempeh is a fermented soy product used as a vegetarian meat replacement. Quite popular last year, tempeh will continue to rule the charts as a vegetarian alternative to meat.

Plant-Based Food:

Individuals are now moving towards fruits and vegetables, rather than meat. Fruits and vegetables are slowly finding a way to day-to-day snacks. For instance, pineapple as a topping over pizza, although controversial, is now increasingly popular! The same with chips made from beetroot. 2019 will probably witness more such innovations that are not just surprisingly different, but also healthy.

Substitutes For Coconut Water:

The enriching factors of coconut water are no surprise to anyone. For years, it has been looked upon as a vital element of the ideal healthy living. However, 2019, will find a wider purview of alternatives like maple water, which contains almost half of sugar content compared to coconut water, and cactus water, which is promoted for its skin revitalizing effects.

Tropical Fruit Basket:

Researchers claim that different fruits contain different levels of nutrient profiles while they all are full of carbohydrates, healthy fibre and multiple vitamins. Hence, giving your fruit basket a makeover would be a reason to still keep you excited and comfortably away from following a repetitive fruit diet. Predictions state that in 2019, fruits like dragon fruit, passion fruit, star fruit and guava are to set to be attractions.

We live in a time where food has become a vital part of our daily lifestyle.  Explore these food trends and add taste and nutritional value to your diet and stay away from any deadly illnesses caused by food like diabetes. The road to a healthy future isn’t much afar.


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