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Tips To Make Your Child Physically Active


How To Make Your Child Active - Infographic- Activ Together

Encourage Kids To Stay Active

Children grow fast and their muscles and bones need sufficient nutrition. But along with good nutrition, exercise is also required for healthy growth. The WHO has recommended that children between the ages of 5 to 17 years need at least one hour of exercise a day. However, our modern lifestyle with school, homework, and technological advances have kept kids in a sedentary state. Less than half of Indian children get enough exercise daily.

It is up to parents to ensure that their children get enough exercise for good development. This can be done by planning your kid’s day to include an hour of some type of physical activity. There are plenty of options from organised sport, dance classes, running and playing in a park, or going swimming that children can be a part of. Parents can also do fun activities like cycling and trekking with their kids on the weekends. Active kids are healthier and happier, and their parents get active too.


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