Create Healthy New Year Resolutions

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Easy And Healthy Christmas Snacks

Thinking about working on your health this New Year’s? You’re not alone! However, a pan-India study found that 52% of Indians did not find the time to exercise. Instead of heading to the gym, work on your resolutions in simple steps. Take it slow on your fitness goals (and your pockets).

Start with making a nourishing diet a habit with easy access. Drink water and eat healthier food more frequently by always keeping them at your table. Have a full water bottle and a box of nuts/other energising snacks at the ready. Stay motivated to continue your daily fitness routine by finding support from friends or virtual fitness coaches. Record your progress on apps like Activ Health and reward yourself after every small goal you reach!

Change your unhealthy lifestyle habits gradually with effective New Year’s resolutions to achieve a new you.


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